Saturday, May 13, 2017

Millennial Murderer: Daughter, Brittany Simpson , 31, 'shoots her movie industry-worker dad dead in their $1.8m home after her parents try to kick her out

This woman was probably raised to be a spoiled brat by helicopter parents that didn't do her any favors by rearing her to be a snowflake.

Daily Mail reports a daughter has been charged with shooting dead her father dead after her parents tried to kick her out of their $1.8million home in South Carolina.

Brittany Simpson, 31, allegedly shot her movie producer dad Robert dead as the rest of their family slept upstairs – then ran outside to hide her gun and clothing before claiming a home invader had killed him.

Her family even claim she angrily blamed her mom for not locking their doors as her dad lay dying.
Brittany’s parents had reportedly ordered her out of their home in the upmarket Charleston suburb of Mount Pleasant, according to court documents. Brit Robert had moved to Mount Pleasant from London in 1975.

Brittany first told the story that an intruder 'came in the back door' during her sister's 911 call early Tuesday morning, reported the Post and Courier.

Her mother, Susan Simpson heard the gunshots go off and her husband yelling. Her daughter Brooke and her boyfriend ran downstairs to see what had happened. 

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