Monday, June 26, 2017

Britt McHenry suggests ESPN fired her because she’s conservative

ESPN is most certainly a Liberal outfit. 
And that's the problem with sports coverage in general.  They inject too much politics into sports and that's not what the fans want to see.  Sports is suppose to be an escape from everyday life.  I wanna see home runs, baskets, and touchdowns.  I don't give a rip about a players political views.  Just play ball and shut up! 

NY Post reports two months out of the picture, Britt McHenry briefly reinserted herself into the ESPN drama — before attempting to cover it up.

The sports reporter, who was one of approximately 100 employees ESPN let go in April, suggested in a since-deleted Twitter comment Monday she knows why the Worldwide Leader sent her packing: She’s a conservative at what she apparently sees as a liberal network.

“I mean I’ve been openly Conservative… look how that ended up…” McHenry wrote in response to a tweet slamming ESPN for arguing it’s not liberal, according to a screengrab from The Big Lead.

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