Saturday, June 24, 2017

Man who tried to run over Trump protesters works for porn site: report

I'm surprised the corrupt media is making a fuss this guy worked for a porn site. 
Isn't running over people with a motorcycle enough info to go on? 

NY Post reports he sounds like a class act.

The guy arrested for driving a motorcycle through a crowd of Trumpcare protesters is a Trump-loving, white-supremacist pornographer, the Daily Mail reports.

Cops cuffed Jeff “Dillionaire” Dillon, a musclebound 39-year-old, on Thursday for trying to mow down San Francisco liberals staging a “die-in” to protest the health care overhaul making its way through Congress.

He jumped on his 2015 BMX crotch rocket because he was enraged by the protest, which was just down the street from the hardcore porn company GameLink where he heads the business development department, the website reported.

As the lefties lay in a street, Dillon allegedly drove up behind them, reportedly shouting, “If you want to go to the hospital, here you go,” and “you will have health care if you people stop protesting” as he guns his ride through the crowd.

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  1. Hey Samuel;

    I am kinda surprised because republicans as a rule don't like PORN especially a distributor..Or am I making a supposition. Or they are calling him a Trump supporter to make the Trump people look bad...That tends to be my guess