Saturday, June 24, 2017

TV truck stolen while crew worked on crime story in Albuquerque

I would say that city has a serious crime problem or not enough police.
Albuquerque Journal  reports someone stole a television news station’s SUV in Downtown Albuquerque while the crew was gathering footage for a story about crime in the area.
Michelle Donaldson, KOB news director, said the crew watched as the vehicle was stolen near First and Central.

The crew was in the area reporting on recent concerns about crime and safety by the local business Lavu when they became part of the story.
“I have a rule, that you can never be the lead of your own newscast,” Donaldson said. “So this violates that rule.”
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  1. Hey Samuel;

    Funny about that, if they didn't leave the keys in it, that shows some pretty sophisticated thieves or somebody has the master key to the Tahoe. I am surmising that last part since the article mentioned SUV and GM has such a thing.