Friday, June 2, 2017

Oscar López Rivera the Osama bin Laden of Puerto Rico won’t be honored at Puerto Rican Day parade after all

The key to this story is the mentality of Democrats.  They wanted to honor a vicious co-founder of the FALN who were responsible for over a hundred bombings and the taking of lives.   Oscar López Rivera is a piece of filth no different than ISIS. 
However deranged Democrats view him in a romantic haze and see him as a freedom fighter.  When are people going to realize that Democrats are insane? 

NY Post reports former terror leader Oscar López Rivera will not be honored at this year’s Puerto Rican Day parade, after the ex-FALN chieftain decided to turn down the award in the face of a widespread parade boycott.
Organizers of the June 11 march said the freed terror boss will forgo the “National Freedom Hero” honor and instead just march as a “humble” grandfather.

“He declined the honorary title at the parade. We respect that decision,” parade spokesman Andres Chavez said.
Lopez Rivera freed the parade organizers from having to take a stand on their decision to fete him, when he announced in an op-ed column published Thursday that he no longer wants the controversial award.

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The same mentality that wants to honor a terrorist believes carbon is a pollutant.   Think about that! 

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  1. As far as I know, Ivve been the most vocal while others hid.