Sunday, June 11, 2017

Trump slogans photoshopped out of high school yearbook controlled by petty partisan Democrats

When you have an entire school system, not only in New Jersey, but around the country, these are the kinds of things that happen. 
These are the same schools that pride themselves on teaching the homosexual lifestyle to 3 year olds.  Outrageous!   

Fake photos!

Parents at a New Jersey high school are outraged that their kids’ yearbook photos were Photoshopped to remove pro-Trump slogans on their children. 

One student at Wall HS had the “TRUMP Make America Great Again” motto deleted from his T-shirt, while a junior classmate had his fleece “Trump” vest sanitized. A third student, the freshman class president, was stunned to see that her selected quote — a Trump utterance — never made it to slogans on their clothing.

“I want all the yearbooks reissued. Everybody gets a brand-new yearbook,” fumed Joseph Berardo, whose 17-year-old son, Grant, donned the Trump T-shirt on picture day last fall.

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  1. The yearbook committee did those kids a favor. Can you imagine how embarrassed they would be in 10, 20 years to have that vulgar bigot's name on their yearbook photo? Especially if he's removed from office after a few too many scandals?