Sunday, July 16, 2017

BIG RENEAL: Openly Gay Democrat Seattle mayor Ed Murray repeatedly raped his teenage foster son in 1984 report DECADES before abuse allegations became public

This is a tough spot for the mayor of Seattle.  And once again we have a connection between Gays and sexual abuse of children. 
This is never truly examined and talked about as much as it should.  But, we can talk about priests abusing children all day long.    

Daily Mail reports child welfare investigators described in 1984 how Seattle Mayor Ed Murray repeatedly raped his teenage foster son, three decades before the allegations became public.
Jeff Simpson, 49, is one of four men who say Murray, now 62, abused them when they were teenagers. 

Former crack addict Delvonn Heckard was the first to have his allegations reported in April this year. Two other former addicts - Lavon Jones and Lloyd Anderson - also say they were abused.
Murray has always denied the allegations and has never been prosecuted. 

On Sunday, The Seattle Times published a newly unsealed report that was written in 1984 by child welfare officials. The report was prompted by claims made by Simpson at the time that he was being abused and it concluded that Murray was guilty of the accusations.
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  1. This isn't surprising: Murray was a political protégé of State Senator Cal Anderson---the first 'open gay' in the Washington Legislature. When Anderson died of AIDS back in the 1990s, several young men came forward claiming that Anderson had knowingly infected them with the AIDS (they were all legal minors at the time too).

    And the punch line is: the Seattle City Council named a children's playground in honor of Cal Anderson! It shows the mentality of Seattle voters.

  2. What about Pizzagate? That got shut down pretty quick didn't it?