Saturday, July 8, 2017

GOTCHA: Boyfriend Raphael Lolos busted in death of dismembered girlfriend Jennifer Londono when police find traces of her blood in his bathtub

Crime doesn't pay especially when one is as stupid as this guy!

NY Post reports the New Jersey bar manager whose dismembered body was found floating in the waters off Brooklyn was murdered by her boyfriend, authorities said Friday.

RaphaelLolos was busted for killing 31-year-old Jennifer Londono — whose corpse was identified by a Sanskrit tattoo on the torso, according to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office.
Cops had been questioning Lolos about his girlfriend’s death and said there had been “inconsistencies” in his story.

Earlier this week, authorities said that while searching his apartment, they discovered Londono’s blood in his bathtub.

Prosecutors allege that after murdering and dismembering his girlfriend in New Jersey, Lolos dumped her remains in the Hudson River.

In a boneheaded move, Lolos “consistently and repeatedly” used the woman’s credit card — which led to his arrest, authorities said.

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  1. This SCUMBAG should get the DEATH PENALTY for what he did !!!!! AMEN !