Saturday, July 8, 2017

POLL: Melania popularity spike...

It's a change for the United States to have a beautiful woman as First Lady!
I don't give a rip Leftists are upset over it.    

Fox News reports as Melania Trump settles into her new role as first lady, a Fox News Poll shows a jump in her popularity. 

Fifty-one percent of voters view Melania Trump favorably.  That’s up 14 points since December and up 16 points from the first time the Fox News Poll asked about her last summer.  At that time, 35 percent viewed the wife of the controversial candidate favorably and 40 percent unfavorably (August 2016).  Twenty-four percent couldn’t rate her.

Today, 28 percent view her negatively, while one in five are unable to rate her (20 percent).

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