Saturday, July 8, 2017

NeverTrumper Stephen F. Haye of Weekly Standard thinks Trump Caved to Putin, Trump hate still alive

Stephen, Stephen, Stephen!  I think this piece of garbage was written last week before President Trump set foot in Germany. 
But, as I figured the NeverTrumpers and the rest of the established media are out in force saying President Trump got his head handed to him by Putin.

Where they even paying attention? 


If Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s readout of Donald Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin is a preview of the Trump administration’s approach to Russia, it’s going to be a rough three and a half years. In a diplomatic depantsing that will have repercussions far beyond Russia, Tillerson’s comments did more to further Russia’s interests than Russian propaganda outlets could have possibly hoped to accomplish themselves.

Tillerson told reporters that Trump and Putin “acknowledged the challenges of cyber threats and interference in the democratic processes of the United States and other countries.” Well then.
Vladimir Putin acknowledged generic “challenges” of unspecified “cyber threats” related to U.S. elections and those in other countries? Who cares? What Putin wouldn’t acknowledge was far more important: The Russians were the source of the cyber threats.

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What world does Stephen Hayes live in?  Did he really expect Putin to fall on his knees and cry, "Yes, I'm guilty of everything you say!"  Any Russian leader is going to be cagey going into a meeting, at the meeting, and leaving the meeting.  That's how Russian leader are and will be until the world ends.  
Now, I'm not going to claim that Putin caved to Trump.  Maybe he did on some things, maybe he didn't.  But, I like Hayes to explain to me how Putin kept Hillary Clinton from campaigning in the rust belt states she lost to Trump?    

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