Saturday, July 8, 2017

AWOL Mayor De Blasio delivers remarks ahead of keynote at G20 summit

Mayor De Blasio has no business at the G20 other than his selfish desire to become a progressive star in the United States.  Trouble is, his views don't work anywhere in the world where it is in place. 
Take Germany for example with a skyrocketing crime rates after taking in millions of Muslim refugees?  These are the kinds of failures progressive brings.  

NY Post reports police protect the rights of demonstrators objecting to the G20 summit this weekend in Hamburg, Germany, Mayor de Blasio said Saturday in an appearance preceding his keynote address at the protests.

“They guard your right to protest,” de Blasio told an audience at the city’s Thalia Theater, according to the theater’s Twitter feed.

A snippet of video posted by the theater showed de Blasio speaking of New York as a city that works for all different people, using the metaphor of crowded subway trains to illustrate his point.
“You have the Muslim and Jewish person next to each other. Then you have the immigrant and the person whose family has been in America for many generations. You have the rich and the poor, people of all faiths and all backgrounds, cramped in close together.

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