Saturday, July 15, 2017

NY Post columnist-NeverTrumper John Podhoretz smoking too much weed for thinking Hillary’s White House would be no different from Trump’s

I know John, it's the pain still talking. 
But, I think it may be a good idea to run the fan and get the weed smoke out of you Upper West Side apartment.  I'm giving Podhoretz the benefit of the doubt that drug usage must be at play.  Because it it's not, and he's clear headed in writing his latest piece for the NY Post, then psychiatric help may be necessary, in my opinion of course. 

Podhoretz writes:

"It wouldn’t have taken much for Hillary Clinton to prevail on Election Night. Donald Trump won the presidency with razor-thin margins of less than 1 percent in three states that had gone Democratic in the previous five elections — Michigan by 10,000 votes, Wisconsin by 22,000 and Pennsylvania by 34,000.

Yes, if only she hadn’t run what was likely the worst presidential campaign in our lifetimes, Hillary Clinton could have stitched together around 80,000 votes and could have been sitting in the Oval Office right now.

The interesting question is: How would America in July 2017 be different under a President Clinton rather than a President Trump?

The astonishing answer, if you really think it through, is: not all that different when it comes to policy.?"

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To think that a Clinton White House would be no different than Trump's is a premise that's a non-starter.  The real point would is that a Clinton White House would be no different and possibly worse than the Obama White House.  Those policies were rejected by the American people and it matters not how close the margins were in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.  And if you think the next Dem candidate has a shot at winning those states because the margins were so close, think again.  The Trump economy is beginning to boom and Hillary Clinton doesn't have the knowledge to do what Trump is doing to right the ship. 

There's a mega difference between Clinton and Trump and if Podhoretz sees none, that speaks for itself.  

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