Monday, July 24, 2017

Pajama Boy Paul Ryan sticks up for Robert Mueller's Kangaroo Russia probe and stabs Trump in the back, AGAIN

I'm so sick of Paul Ryan! 
He's a total waste of life that might as well become a Democrat.  In a lot of way he's is worse than John McCain because he's SOTH and he never fights for the GOP position.  He prefers to seek approval of the corrupt media.  So, he dumps on President Trump every chance he gets and it’s disgusting!  Shameful, the man is a disgrace! 

NY Post reports House SpeakerPaul Ryan on Monday defended special counsel Robert Mueller, who’s spearheading the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, saying he’s “anything but” a partisan Democrat.

“I don’t think many people are saying Bob Mueller is a biased partisan. He’s really, sort of, anything but,” Ryan told a Wisconsin-based radio show.

“Remember, Bob Mueller is a Republican who was appointed by a Republican who served in the Republican administration who crossed over and stayed on ’til his term ended,” the Wisconsin Republican said.

Former President George W. Bush appointed Mueller as FBI director and he remained heading the agency for two years more during the Obama administration.

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Paul Ryan needs to be fitted for glassed because he can't see what's in front of his nose.  Robert Mueleer has as many conflicts of interests as Hillary Clinton.  And if Paul Ryan doesn't have the stones to say it in public he should resign immediately,  go back to Wisconsin and teach a course on how to lose a debate to Joe Biden. 

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