Sunday, July 30, 2017

What an Idiot!: Teen accepts dare to put a hammer in mouth – and it gets stuck

Kids do stupid things.
  But, to compound it by airing their stupidity on social media really boggles my mind.  When I was a kid and I did something dumb, the less amount of people who knew the better.  But, that not the case today and I really don't get tit. 

NY Post reports the mom of a teenage girl who got a hammer stuck in her mouth has had to “hide the toolbox” after her daughter’s dare went viral on Twitter.

Kaley, 14, from Louisiana, USA, was challenged by a pal to put the hammer head in her mouth and uploaded pictures to social media after it got stuck.

The teen had been fangirling over members of Korean boy band BTS when she described one of them as “so beautiful I could shove a hammer in my mouth”.

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