Monday, August 28, 2017

Police, Sheriffs Applaud Trump for Lifting Military Gear Ban

Our local police forces are going to need the military equipment to stem the tide against Leftist sponsored Antifa

NewsMax reports police and sheriffs applauded President Donald Trump for lifting a ban on delivering surplus military equipment to local and state police. The ban had been installed during President Barack Obama's administration.

The National Sheriffs' Association issued the praise in a Monday statement.

"We applaud the president's actions, and we are encouraged to see him acting on this important issue that we have vocally advocated for," the association said in the statement.

"Across the country we have seen how valuable this equipment has been to local law enforcement from San Bernardino to Orlando in fighting terrorism, but also by saving lives in floods in South Carolina and snow storms in North Dakota, just to name a few," the association said, according to the statement.

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