Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tax cut odds -- going UP?

Lowering taxes is always a good thing for the people who work and are productive. 
They appreciate it as opposed to those who leach off the system. 

CNBC reports it seems the more turmoil and dysfunction there is in Washington, the higher odds Wall Street gives tax legislation.

Last week may have been one of the worst of the Trump presidency with President Donald Trump coming under a firestorm of criticism for his reaction to the deadly protest in Charlottesville, 

Virginia. Corporate CEOs abandoned him, quitting his advisory councils and there was speculation respected aides and Cabinet members would leave him.

Out of the chaos has come a view about what might get done in Washington this year — and that's corporate and individual tax legislation, according to notes from multiple Wall Street strategists. A tax code overhaul was a cornerstone of Trump's policy agenda, and a major goal of congressional Republicans, but optimism for a sweeping plan has faded.

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