Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The cowardice of the Republican Party on full display over Charlottesville, corrupt media has them scared

The reason the corrupt media gets away with their race hustling games that mimics the Democrat Party is because the GOP don't have the intestinal fortitude to set the record straight. 

President Trump as president of all Americans was correct in calling out all bad actors at Charlottesville.  He said we all need to respect and love each other.  That's a sentiment uttered by Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, and eve Jesus Christ.  But, the media is deaf to it because their more interested in spinning the same old tired template of labeling Whites as White supremacists for agenda reasons.   

And what makes it worse is that GOPers stay silent or worse glum onto the false template like Marco Rubio to bury Trump and curry favor with a deceitful media.  Where does that lead Republican voters?  Out in the cold because they have a party of liars and cowards who bend to the Democrat agenda and who stand for nothing.    

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