Monday, August 28, 2017

Trump Defends Arpaio Pardon as Yellowbelly GOP Establishment Joins the Left

Paul Ryan and the other cowards in the Republican Party make me want to vomit! 
These men are a disgrace for not backing a president o their own party.  They are miserable human beings!
Breitbart reports President Donald Trump stood by his decision to pardon former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio at his Monday press conference after members of his own party criticized the move.

“Sheriff Joe is a patriot, Sheriff Joe loves our country, Sheriff Joe protected our borders, and Sheriff Joe was very unfairly treated by the Obama administration, especially right before an election, an election he would have won,” Trump told reporters when asked about the pardon, highlighting what he saw as a political decision on his predessessor’s part to prosecute Arpaio.

Meanwhile, the so-called “establishment” of the Republican Party, represented in the person of House Speaker Paul Ryan, came out strongly against the pick. “The speaker does not agree with this decision,” Doug Andres, a spokesman for Ryan told Fox News. “Law enforcement officials have a special responsibility to respect the rights of everyone in the United States. We should not allow anyone to believe that responsibility is diminished by this pardon.”
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