Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Vandals Behead Statue Of Christopher Columbus In Yonkers Amid Growing Controversy

These acts of vandalizing statues are gonna cause a bad reaction somewhere. 
It won't be pretty.
NY Post reports vandals have reportedly beheaded a statue of Christopher Columbus in Yonkers amid a controversy surrounding a larger Columbus monument in Manhattan.

The 2-foot plaster statue in Yonkers’ Columbus Memorial Park was clobbered by an unknown instrument — knocking it off its pedestal, splitting it in two, and leaving it lying on the ground, according to News 12.
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  1. The little nitwits think they're funny. They're picking fights with every conceivable ethnic group.

    Even the Demos are realizing nobody is going to support any who support them.

  2. Who knew iconoclasm could be so empowering!