Monday, September 4, 2017

Bill de Blasio's New-New York: Gunfire erupts ahead of J’Ouvert festival, Miss Stop and Frisk Yet

It's pretty simple math Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio can't get. 
There's more guns on the streets of New York since he pulled back on Stop and Frisk.  Since this clown has become mayor, shootings are up despite what the cooked stats from NYPD.  Ask any New Yorker and they';; tell ya'.  It's gotten worse under this mayor.   

NY Post reports an early Monday shooting left two people wounded ahead of Brooklyn’s J’Ouvert festival even as police beefed up security for the dawn celebration that is typically marred by violence.

Gunfire rang out in Crown Heights about 5 a.m. on Union Street between Utica and Schenectady avenues — a block away from the route of Monday’s West Indian American Day Parade on Eastern Parkway.

A 38-year-old man was shot in the abdomen and a 34-year-old was grazed in the left leg as J’Ouvert revelers were out setting up food stands and playing music, police said.
Barkim Gardener, 52, was setting up for his annual family barbecue on Union Street when he suddenly heard two gunshots over the music.

“I saw people running from Schenectady Avenue towards Utica Avenue. It was chaos,” Gardener said.

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  1. Still, Stop and Frisk is unconstitutional. Period.

    Not sure what the solution is....Massive jail time for an illegal weapon? Maybe. But the simple fact is that Stop and Frisk with no reason except the cop chooses to is about as illegal as it gets.

    Can't support your notion that it was better than, really. Sorry.