Monday, September 4, 2017

MEGA LEAK: Thousands of leaked files of Top Secret US intelligence operatives including nuclear missile launch codes found on unprotected Amazon server

This report is not being covered by American media. 
But, if this story is true, it's a huge deal you may want to add to your favorites list. 

Daily Mail reports thousands of files containing details of US intelligence operatives with Top Secret clearance have been leaked.   

The 9,402 documents were found on an unsecure Amazon server without the protection of a password.

The files, discovered this summer by a security analyst at the California-based cyber security firm UpGuard, were found in a folder called 'resumes'.

They contained the CV of thousands of Americans currently in jobs in the US Department of Defense and the US intelligence community. 

They typically included information such as their home addresses, phone numbers, work history and email addresses, as well as more sensitive information including security clearances, driver's license numbers, passport numbers and at least partial social security numbers.    

According to UpGuard, at least one of the applicants claimed he carried the nuclear missile launch codes.

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