Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Craig Carton suspended from WFAN after Ponzi scheme arrest

Carton faces 45 years in prison according to published reports. 
This is quite a pickle he's gotten himself into and his legal bill will be massive to stay out of jail.
NY Post reports Carton has been canned.
Accused “Ponzi” schemer Craig Carton has been suspended from WFAN, the radio station said in a statement issued at 8:30 p.m.

Carton, co-host of “Boomer and Carton,” was arrested by the feds Wednesday morning on charges he ripped off millions of dollars from investors by selling bogus concert tickets — in order to cover his gambling debts, court papers charge.

Carton, 48, and business partner Joseph Meli, 43, an event promoter, allegedly ripped off at least $3.6 million from two investors.

Carton is additionally accused of pocketing an additional $2 million from one of the same two investors.
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