Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Freedom Caucus Supports Trump's Sweeping Tax Reform

There are aspects of this tax plan I personally don't like such as taking away the deduction for property taxes and the bottom tax rate increasing from 10% to 12%. 
So there a lot of room to bargain this thing out.    
Town Hall reports the House Freedom Caucus, made up of the most conservative members of Congress, is getting behind President Trump's tax plan.

"President Trump has delivered a forward looking tax reform framework that will let hard working Americans keep more of their money, simplify our system, end carve outs for special interests,  and will help make our businesses competitive abroad. The Freedom Caucus looks forward to sending a final bill based on this framework to President Trump's desk as soon as possible," the Caucus released Wednesday.
The support comes just hours before President Trump will lay out his plan in greater detail from Indianapolis. Here is what we know about the framework so far:
More here

I'm not confident the GOP is gonna this done for the same reason repeal and replace ObamaCare didn't get done.  GOPers are out to sabotage Trump.  Those jokers need to be primaryed.   

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