Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Preview of healthcare under Single Payer: Shocking video shows Bronx man when he slips into coma after nine hours of neglect at hospital

For those who want single payer healthcare remember this story! 

NYDaily News reports on a sultry July night in 2014, an ambulance crew brought Angel Rivera to Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx after the handyman got punched in the head.
Rivera slipped into a coma and wound up dead due to negligence, a lawsuit charges.
Startling hospital security video obtained by the Daily News shows Lincoln’s emergency room staff left Rivera unattended for nine hours, failing to monitor his condition until a nurse noticed him slumped unconscious and bleeding from the mouth in a hallway chair.
Bleeding of the brain had plunged the 53-year-old Rivera into a coma. He would remain comatose for two years before dying of a heart attack.
The video and records obtained by The News indicate that hospital staff lost track of Rivera. At one point, the staff even noted in a hospital document that Rivera had left the emergency room against medical advice. But the video clearly shows Rivera was there the entire time, crucial hours during which, medical experts say, he should have been constantly monitored for signs of the hemorrhaging that took his life.


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