Saturday, September 2, 2017

Report: Chafing Under Gen. Kelly’s Control, Trump Continues to Call Close Friends and Advisers

Kelly's job is to be the gatekeeper to President Trump and control access to him. 
But, it’s not his job to control the president.  Trump won't let anybody do that. 

Breitbart reports President Trump is chafing under Chief of Staff John Kelly’s control and is finding ways around it, according to a report.

Kelly has tried to control who the president talks to, but Trump is continuing to call business friends and outside advisers, including former chief strategist Steve Bannon, the report by the Washington Post said.

Trump calls Bannon and others from his personal phone when Kelly is not around, the report said.
“Donald Trump resists being handled,” Roger Stone, former Trump adviser and longtime confidant, told the Post.

“Nobody tells him who to see, who to listen to, what to read, what he can say,” he said. “General Kelly is trying to treat the president like a mushroom. Keeping him in the dark and feeding him s— is not going to work. Donald Trump is a free spirit.”

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