Thursday, October 19, 2017

End of the NFL: PC obsessed NFL Commish Roger Goodell refuses to mandate players stand for national anthem guaranteeing protest will continue

He doesn't understand this decision will result in a permanent loss of fans viewership. 
I guess he has no interest in making the NFL a thriving business as it used to be. 

Fox News reports NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he believes all players “should” stand for the national anthem — but stopped short of imposing a rule on standing for the playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Goodell, speaking to reporters on Wednesday, said it is important for the league and its players to honor and respect “our flag and our country.

“We are not afraid of the tough conversations,” he added. “Out of those discussions, [players] understand that owners and the NFL do really care about the issues.”

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  1. Good. Let the NFL die. Let its bloated, rotting, foul carcass serve as a horrifying example to other businesses the cost of going full SJW.

  2. Sorry, but you are wrong. He should not tell to stand, they have the right to protest, it's America. It's my right not to support them, in any fashion.

  3. Players don't have the right of free speech during working hours which is the game. Fans don't pay top dollar to hear their opinions. Leave that stuff for off the field.