Monday, October 30, 2017

Libs too tight ass over Halloween: These Colin Kaepernick Halloween costumes did not go over well

Every year idiotic Liberals get irate over Halloween costumes. 
It's the most stupidest thing I ever heard by the most humorlessness people on the planet.  These people are certifiably nuts!   

NY Post reports two people, including one police officer, have come under fire for impersonating Colin Kaepernick with racially insensitive Halloween costumes over the weekend.

Police at the University of Nevada, Reno are apologizing for an officer who mocked the former 49ers quarterback’s refusal to stand for the national anthem last season to protest police mistreatment of minorities.

Chief Adam Garcia apologized Sunday after a photo began circulating on social media showing the university officer dressed in a wig, painted on beard, false nose, a mocked-up jersey and a sign that says, “Will stand for food.”

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