Thursday, October 26, 2017

Snowflake Don Lemon of CNN Files Police Report After Alleged Death Threats from White Nationalist

I gotta feeling this story may be a hoax perpetrated by Don Lemon himself to gain more attention. 
It's a classic Saul Alinsky tactic to stage false incidents to manipulate public opinion.   I have zero proof!  But, I know how Leftists roll.   

LawNewz reports CNN’s security team filed a report on behalf of host Don Lemon with the NYPD on Wednesday, after he received death threats from a Twitter user, a person with knowledge of the situation told Lemon will speak with detectives working the case later today.

The messages reportedly included, “F*** you n***** can’t wait to stab your neck,” and “U r a pile of rotting Dogshit,racist,communist, socialist, Liberal moron asshole,i will find u U will pay.ill see u real soon….”
The tweets, and the Twitter user’s profile, appear to have since been deleted, but it reportedly once described the user as “white nationalist conservative . pro gun anti islam anti terrorist anti leftist yes i HATE demorats,blm,antifa ,socialists. heavily armed racist.WLM.”

This comes after Lemon read an open letter to President Trump on the air, in response to what he felt was inappropriate treatment of Myeshia Johnson, the widow of fallen soldier La David JohnsonTMZ says that the Twitter user has indicated online that he’s a supporter of President Trump.

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