Saturday, November 4, 2017

DC Lagoon Creature Robert Mueller braces for challenges to his authority on hi Kangaroo Probe

Any investigation that is based on a false document such as the Russian dossier, doesn’t deserve any respect. 
For this reason I have held Robert Mueller is a fraud who deserves to be under investigation himself for his part in Russian obtaining 20% of U.S. Uranium reserves via bribery, fraud, and kickbacks right under his nose while he ran the FBI.   Mueller needs to be put under oath and answer some serious questions as to why he failed to live up to his oath in protecting the United States. 

Politico reports stacked with some of the country’s premier prosecutors, the special counsel has beaten back a pair of preliminary attempts to block his subpoena power and limit who he can question as a potential witness. In July, Mueller’s team also managed to win approval to execute a no-knock search warrant—unusual in a white-collar case.

But as the criminal case against former Donald Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates speeds toward a possible spring 2018 trial, Mueller’s team is bracing for an array of challenges to its authority.

The battle lines are already taking shape. 

Kevin Downing, Manafort’s lead attorney, submitted a document Friday indicating that he anticipates filing pre-trial motions that question “the legal basis for and sufficiency of the charges, the suppression of evidence improperly obtained by search warrant, subpoena or otherwise.” Downing also said he may try to prevent Mueller’s prosecutors from presenting some of their evidence during the criminal trial.

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