Sunday, November 5, 2017

Kellyanne Conway crushes Fake News/CNN pipsqueak Brian Stelter Over Who Is More Hated [VIDEO]

I hope nobody reports Kellyanne for child abuse because this was a good old fashioned ass whoppin'!
  Lucky for Brian not many people watch CNN.   As far as Trump's low poll numbers?  Aren't these the same pollsters that said Hillary was going to defeat Trump in the election?  I don't believe any poll put out by a thoroughly corrupt media.   
DailyCaller reports White House adviser Kellyanne Conway sparred with CNN host Brian Stelter Sunday over whether President Donald Trump has a “credibility crisis.”
Stelter wanted to know what the White House was doing to combat historically low approval ratings, and Conway insisted the media is ignoring the historic gains achieved in the stock market.
“Given President Trump’s historically low approval ratings, what specific steps are you and your colleagues taking to try to repair Trump’s credibility?” Stelter asked. A recent Washington Post/ABC News poll shows 65 percent of Americans believe Trump has done little a year after his election.
“The numbers that matter to America is the 1.5 million jobs created on his watch, the 54 record highs in the stock market closes, the consumer confidence level at a 17-year higher, higher than both George W. Bush and President Obama,” Conway said.
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