Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Now We Know Why Harvey Weinstein Revelations Happened: It's about taking out mom-establishment GOPers, conservatives, or enemies of the corrupt media

One day out the blue an article appeared in the New York Times about Harvey Weinstein, big Hollywood producer,  sexually abusing two women.  In later reports we're told it had been going on for years and it was the biggest open secret in Hollywood.
Then the floodgates opened in Hollywood and other big names were exposed for sexual crimes they had done, some of them years in the past. 
But, a question still remained.  Why did it start with Weinstein?  Well, I believe all this was a predicate to destroy political enemies.  And I'm not just talking about taking out Judge Roy Moore from winning a special election in Alabama for one Senate seat.  It's bigger than that! 
This is a plot hatched by both Democrats and Republicans to permanently disenfranchise the will of the American people and maintain The Swamp FOREVER! 
When Sen. Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, said that he believes the women coming forward accusing Judge Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, The Spirit revealed to me what's truly happening here.  And now I'm telling the world. 
This is not about Roy Moore or the voters of Alabama!  This is about the establishment both Democrats and Republican working hand in hand to keep the will of regular people suppressed.  It's the Swamp wanting to stay full to capacity.  What happened to Todd Akin was the test case.  The Roy Moore strategy is this:
Whenever base voters nominate Bible believing Christians, Patriots, Libertarians, or Joe/Mary Six-pack American who believes in traditional American values, that person can be taken out with by either false sex allocations or something they have said in the past.  After that the Democrat Party falls into action.  Then after a few days John McCain says something followed by GOPOer X  or GOPer Y .  Corrupt media gives us an update every day non-stop.  Followed by a statement by Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan.  Pressure builds some more .  Then conservative talk show hosts start jumping off including Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity who both bailed on Todd Akin and I hammered them for it.  Until finally the candidate drops out or is so damaged he goes on to lose the race. 
It’s much bigger than Roy More, it's about us! 


  1. Yes. It is the serfs they are after. Kill Roy to shackle us!

  2. The Rove Republicans had better understand that, if Judge Moore wins the election in spite of their corruption and they refuse to seat him, their party is dead.

  3. Good insight. I have been saying for years that Watergate is a cover-up of cocaine and sex with teenagers. Diplomats get away with it. So do Congressmen.