Sunday, November 5, 2017

Woman under fire after criticizing voluptuous traffic reporter Demetria Obilor at "politically correct" TV station as inappropriately dressed

All I can say is bring Demetria Obilor to New York and I'll promise to watch her everyday.  And I don't even drive a car! 
Hubba Hubba! 

Fox News reports in a now-deleted Facebook post, user Jan Shedd said online Wednesday, “Has anyone seen Channel 8’s new traffic morning reporter? Her name is Demetria Obilor & she’s a size 16/18 woman in a size 6 dress and she looks ridiculous.”

The post continued, saying the channel had “taken complete leave of their senses” and that she would no longer be watching.

“I understand that when I watch Channel 8 I’m going to get biased reporting and political correctness, but clearly they have taken complete leave of their senses,” she said. 

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