Sunday, December 10, 2017

Desperate Jones: Campaign flyer compares Roy Moore to infamous Democrat Segregationalist George Wallace, says he supports segregation

It's desperation time for Democrat candidate Doug Jones who is poised to lose big to Judge Roy Moore.  
Fox News reports a mailer sent by the campaign of Alabama Senate Democratic nominee Doug Jones compares Republican opponent Roy Moore to the former segregationist governor George Wallace just days after the Jones campaign faced a social media backlash over a different racially-charged flyer.

Fox News has obtained a copy of the latest mailer, sent to black voters in the state. It shows an infamous 1963 photo of Wallace standing at the schoolhouse door at the University of Alabama to block black students from enrolling.
“George Wallace fought to protect segregation,” the flyer reads. “So did Roy Moore.”

“Lying Doug Jones is at it again. This is just another attempt to manipulate African-American voters with lies while covering for his own horrible track record of defending an extremist with KKK ties,” Moore spokeswoman Hannah Ford told Fox News. “The mail piece speaks for itself,” Jones’ spokesman Sebastian Kitchen said.

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