Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Mark Levin Praises Trump’s ‘Muscular, Yet Prudential’ National Security Strategy Speech: Like ‘Reagan’s Third Term’

Gotta give Mark Levin some credit because he wasn't for Trump originally. 
But, he see the obvious improvement of the country's direction.
Breitbart reports “Amazing,” “incredible,” and “outstanding” were among the laudatory descriptions used by Mark Levin in praising President Donald Trump’s national security address on Monday.

Levin contrasted Trump’s national security strategy with that of Barack Obama’s during the Monday edition of his radio program: “I listened to president Trump’s speech, today. It was an incredible speech. It was an outstanding speech.”

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  1. The biggest problem Levin had with Trump was that Levin is
    an economic purist. He took Trump's promise to increase
    tarrifs literally, thinking it would lead to trade wars
    and a possible depression.

    The trouble is that Trump is a lot smarter than most people
    think he is. His number one skill is the art of the deal.
    If you want to sell something, you start out high and let
    the buyer think he negotiated a better deal. Trump is
    like Cal Worthington or C.W. Womphomper. The customer
    always went home with a used car or a wagon telling his
    wife "Honey I really screwed the dealer," but all he
    really did was pay the price the dealer had in mind
    from the very beginning!