Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Trump-DC Lagoon Creature Mueller sitdown: Could the endless Russia Kangaroo probe soon be over?

Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller has spent millions of dollars of taxpayer money and has zip on President Trump. 
It's time to wrap up this Democrat jobs program for Hillary supports looking to pay off mortgages, boats, and summer homes.
Fox News reports the media reports that Bob Mueller wants to question Donald Trump hardly sound like great news for the White House—but there could be a silver lining.
At the very least, the stories suggest that the special counsel is approaching the final stages of his Russia investigation. Prosecutors virtually never interview their highest-ranking potential target until they've compiled most of the evidence, because you want the most ammunition for that high-stakes encounter.
That would mean the prospect of the Mueller investigation dragging on for another year or two, casting a dark shadow over the White House, would be greatly diminished.
The news, first reported by NBC, was quickly confirmed elsewhere. The New York Times says that "Robert S. Mueller III told President Trump’s lawyers last month that he will probably seek to interview the president, setting off discussions among Mr. Trump's lawyers about the perils of such a move"—this according to "two people familiar with the discussion."
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