Monday, January 15, 2018

Al Sharpton is what's wrong with the Democrat Party, He's an insult to the memory of Martin Luther King Jr.

Today in New York there's going to be a celebration remembering the good work done by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
That's a good thing. 

Unfortunately, those activities are going to be held at the National Action  Network, a fraud organization that's a money making machine run by the biggest fraudster and race hustler in the country, the Rev. Al Sharpton.  The governor and mayor of New York will be In attendance, not because of the good works Sharpton has done, it's because he's part of the Democrat Party apparatus that allows him to get away with anything, like not paying his taxes.     

I think it's reprehensible for so many reasons that Sharpton is lifted up as a equal to Martin Luther King Jr.  It's an abomination and an insult to my intelligence.  The Black community deserves better.    

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  1. Quite frankly, when the truth about Dr. King is finally released in a few years, I won't be too surprised to find that Al is his twin brother.