Monday, January 15, 2018

Comic Book Convention founder/snowflake Cliff Galbraith bans ‘Hercules’ star Kevin Sorbo because he’s pals with Hannity

Kevin Sorbo

Cliff Galbraith is a worse snowflake than the kids on college campus because he's a grown man. 
Need to toughen up, Dude! 

Fox News reports the founder of a popular New Jersey comic book convention reportedly banned famed actor Kevin Sorbo because of his friendship with Sean Hannity.

“I turned down Kevin Sorbo for East Coast Comicon,” founder Cliff Galbraith wrote on Facebook. “He’s pals with Sean Hannity. I just can’t do it.”

Sorbo is a popular figure at comic conventions – known for starring in “Hercules.” He is also a devout Christian. And he also happens to be a friend of Hannity.

Hannity was the executive producer and financed “Let There Be Light,” a hugely successful faith-based film that starred Sorbo.

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  1. Don't forget Andromeda. Fairly decent Sci-fi romp Sorbo starred in.
    Galbraith's loss.

  2. So Cliff Galbraith hates him, and God loves him. I'd take that trade-off any day off the week.