Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Irrelevant Black lawmakers wear African cloth to protest Trump’s ‘shithole’ comment

The reason why I call these Black lawmakers irrelevant is for too long they serve a party that only cares about votes but never serves the needs of their people. 
It's mindless and robotic and none of them can argue otherwise because the results or lack thereof is plain to see,.

NY Post reports members of the Congressional Black Caucus wore traditional African kente cloth to Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address to protest President Trump’s alleged “shithole countries” comment.

“Wearing kente cloth to the #SOTU with my fellow @OfficialCBC Members to stand in solidarity with people from you-know-what countries,” Rep. Bobby Scott tweeted before the speech.

 The colorful cloth is associated with Ashanti royalty in now modern-day Ghana and has a history in West African nations associated with the slave trade.

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Barack Obama didn't improve anything for black people in eight years.  He was all talk.  President Trump is improving conditions.  Results are results and talk is just talk.   

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