Friday, January 5, 2018

The irrelevance of Bill Kristol

Quite a number of years ago I used to pay attention to what Bill Kristol had to say.
  But, as the saying goes, that was many moons ago.  Today, I have to strain to remember his name. 

He and others fancy himself as the true voice of conservatism.  And like others Kristol has fashioned for himself a mosquito-size cottage industry of NeverTrumpers who spend their time explaining how awful President Trump is.  To these irrelevant voices of the past like Kristol, like George Will and others, it's awful the stock market just had the fastest 1,000 point move in history, it's awful that GDP is over 3% for another quarter, it's awful more jobs are being created and the economy is booming, it's awful that President Trump is demanding European countries pay more for their defense that the United States provides, it's awful that we have a president willing to show strength against Kin Jong Un unlike prior presidents who resorted to paying blackmail and kicking the can down the road, and it’s awful that America feels better about herself after suffering 8 years of Obama malaise. 

Seems to me that Kristol who allegedly has 274K Twitter followers vs President Trump's 34 million, a lot more people are interested in what Trump has to say. 

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  1. If Kristol and Goldberg and the rest want to remain on the Koch payroll, they have to provide the words that their Masters want.