Sunday, February 4, 2018

America entered a Constitutional Crisis the moment James Comey and Loretta Lynch arranged for Hillary Clinton to escape justice

Until Hillary Clinton is led away in handcuffs and faces a jury
for the numerous crimes she committed by processing and mishandling classified information through her private server, destroying evidence of her activities, and lying about it repeatedly to the American people, this country is already in a constitutional crisis. 

We ought to have one system of justice.  But, we obviously have two because I wouldn't be able to get away with what she did.    

However, Hillary didn't get away with it by her herself.  James Comey and Loretta Lynch helped her along and they should face justice also if we had one system of justice. 

So let's stop all this talk about an upcoming constitutional crisis if  President Trump did this or he did that.  We're already IN crisis and we need to get out of it.      

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