Saturday, February 10, 2018

Inspector Clueless: NYPD Commander Janice Holmes Rightly Catches Hell for Tweeting #BlackLivesMatter hashtag

 Boy, is she out of touch with the rank and file. 
But, I think social justice mentality has infected some brass of the NYPD starting with Police Commissioner James O'Neil.   As for Holmes, this was a misstep she can recover from. Her family history with the NYPD more than makes up for this. 
NY Post reports a positive gesture by an NYPD precinct commander went sideways when she used the hashtag #blacklivesmatter in an official tweet — and she deleted it amid furious pushback.

Deputy Inspector Janice Holmes of the 100th Precinct in Rockaway, Queens, tweeted a photo of late African-American heavyweight boxing champion Jack Johnson from her NYPD account Thursday afternoon.

The tweet, commemorating Black History Month, elicited a storm of criticism from cops throughout the department, and it was later taken down.

“How can a precinct commander lead people when she aligns herself with a group that is known to hate law enforcement and wishes police officers dead?” one police source said.

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