Sunday, February 11, 2018

#MeToo PR Vote-Mining Lawsuit: NY state files lawsuit against WEINSTEIN CO....

Eric Schneiderman

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman wants to be governor of New York one day. 
That's what this lawsuit is about, nothing more, nothing less.  Weinstein and his alledge victims are just stepping stones to get there. 

Yahoo News reports New York state sued Harvey Weinstein, his brother and their production company on Sunday for failing to protect employees from years of his alleged sexual misconduct despite multiple complaints from staff.

The lawsuit comes four months after the Hollywood mogul's downfall over allegations of sexual harassment, assault and rape now leveled against the producer by more than 100 women over 40 years.

State prosecutors said the legal action, the result of an ongoing four-month investigation, was filed Sunday out of fear that an imminent sale of The Weinstein Company, now on the verge of bankruptcy, could leave victims without adequate redress.

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