Sunday, February 11, 2018

Outback server Tamlynn Yoder fired over online rant slamming church for skipping tip

I'm on her side on this one.  That mega-church should have given her a tip. 
It makes us Christians look bad.  
Fox News reports a Florida Outback Steakhouse worker says she filled a local megachurch’s $735 takeout order and then was fired when she ranted on social media about not getting a tip.

 “We take the order over the phone, we put the order together, take payment and then take order to the car,” Tamlynn Yoder, 25, of Lake Park, told the Palm Beach Post. “It’s a lot of work just as much as serving.”

Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens was holding a conference and called in an order to the local Outback Wednesday for 25 steak dinners, 25 chicken dinners and 25 side orders of potatoes that Yoder said she had to prepare, costing her other tips.

“I brought it out, put it in the car,” Yoder told Miami Fox affiliate WSVN-TV. “We received the payment. There was no gratuity. I got upset. I posted a post on Facebook about the church not leaving a gratuity tip.”

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