Saturday, February 10, 2018

Women proposing to their boyfriends are the latest #MeToo culture shift (Chic-a-Fied Man and Women wear the pants) Not a good look

Yes, there's a cultural shift in a bad direction. 
Today's younger generation of men don't have a clue about how act like a Men, and the women are more masculine.   Blurring of the gender roles is one of the worst problems this country faces.   

NY Post reports from #Metoo to #IDo.

Many modern brides living in the age of female empowerment aren’t waiting for prince charming to pop the question — they’re taking their happily-ever-afters into their own hands.

“I knew if I proposed he would have a ring and I wouldn’t be like a kept woman,” said Rebecca Reed, who proposed to her boyfriend in July on their one-year anniversary date. “I was like: I’m taking it by the balls and doing it.”

Danielle Sinay, emboldened by the women’s movement, asked her boyfriend of three years to marry her in October.

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