Thursday, March 8, 2018

Border Patrol: California sanctuary laws obstruct public safety, law enforcement

California state and local governments are violating federal law and are subject to arrest. 
This is what needs to happen to reinforce that we're a nation of laws.    

Washington Times reports the Border Patrol says it’s been forced to release a drunken driver back onto the streets, and nearly missed out on nabbing a fake UPS delivery van carrying 77 illegal immigrants — all because California’s new sanctuary city laws have soured cooperation between police and federal authorities.

In the drunken driving case, a local police department said it couldn’t respond to agents who’d pulled over the drunken driver, since it began as an immigration stop. They said it would violate the state’s sanctuary law limiting their ability to work with border or interior agents, Rodney S. Scott, chief patrol agent of the Border Patrol’s San Diego Sector, told a federal court.

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