Friday, March 30, 2018

David Hogg is on his 12th minute of his 15th minute of fame

As fast as the media creates, they also destroy just as quickly. 
This is what I predict for David Hogg.  He's goona eventually crash and burn. 

Although the corrupt media seems so smitten with this seventeen year old kid, I'm not impressed.  After all he's just a kid.  Yes, he's articulate.  But, there are many  articulate people in the world.  It doesn't mean they're any more intelligent than anybody else.  We all know somebody like that.  Talk a good game but are as dumb as a rock. 

Hogg is riding high and he's fooling a lot of people.  But, when Leftist world reaches a point where he's no longer useful, they spit him out and they won't care how hard he falls.   Ask Cindy Sheehan!    

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