Saturday, March 24, 2018

#MarchforOurlivesaFraud, It's just a commercial for Liberal Agenda TAKE AWAY ALL GUNS

If you turn on CNN and MSNBC you'll hear the phrase, "the kids are leading this march", or "look at what the students have done". 

It's a lie!

The young people marching have nothing to do with the logistics of putting this all together.  What is being seen is the machinery of Democrat Party special interests groups organizing and funding this spectacle. 

These are adult Democrats shamelessly hiding behind children to push a political agenda.  It’s not a new thing.  It's a very old tactic Dems having been using for years. 

The students at the march are not representative of  all students wanting more gun control.  There are millions of other young people who believe in the 2nd amendment.  They believe in the right to bear arms.  So the message of solidarity being pushed is false.   

This march is an infomercial for denying guns to law abiding people.  It’s not addressing real issues.  It's not addressing the reality that the majority of people murdered are by hand guns, not assault weapons. 

They don't want to discuss that.  They don’t want to talk about places like Chicago were massacres happen every week.  No, they're not having that conversation.  Those being murdered are African Americans and Latinos being killed by those who look like them.   

This is not about sensible gun control.  It's about taking away all guns for the law abiding gun owners.  The criminals and the government get to keep theirs.         

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