Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bumbling Robert Mueller Moves To Delay Russian Collusion Trial That Blew Up in his Face

The very incompetent Robert Mueller thought that he was safe to file bogus indictments against Russian companies thinking they would never appear in court.
  But, one did and is demanding to move forward with discovery and see what evidence Mueller has.  So mow Mueller is forced to backtrack because he has nothing but smoke.   

 Daily Caller reports Special Counsel Robert Mueller asked a federal judge Tuesday to reject the four-decade-old speedy trial law in the case against 13 Russians and three Russian companies and has asked for an indefinite delay to the Russian collusion trial.

It is the second time Mueller tried to delay the trial. Judge Dabney L. Friedrich, a Trump appointee, rejected the earlier request without comment and ordered the case to go forward.  

One of the Russian companies — Concord Management and Consulting — entered the U.S., hired American lawyers, and demanded a speedy trial. The Speedy Trial Act is a 44-year old federal law that dictates that a federal criminal case must begin within 70 days from the date of the indictment.

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