Thursday, May 3, 2018

Complete Liberal Bullshit by NBC: Kanye West's ignorant slavery comments play right into the hands of white supremacists

The below is a bunch of garbage, but I'll report it anyway. 
Bottom line!  Kanye is speaking the kind of truth to power Libs used to pride themselves on.  Democrat Party is greatly threatened by a Black man upsetting their apple cart of keeping the Black community enslaved into thinking one way.  It's how they maintain their power!  Kanye is offering a wakeup call for people of color to free their minds.  He's on the money! 

NBC News reports clearly, Kanye West doesn’t know his history. Because anyone who does believe that slavery was a choice, despite overwhelming historical evidence to the contrary, has either never opened a history book or is willfully ignorant of the reality of enslavement. Whatever his beliefs, West’s erratic and seemingly anti-black behavior these past few days has been revealing. And not just about him, but about us as a black people as well. Most importantly, however, West’s actions prove the consequences of ignorance and the damaging effects of flippant historical revisionism.

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The ignorant ones are the people saying Kanye is ignorant! 

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