Friday, May 25, 2018

Democrat Harvey Weinstein to Surrender on Sex Charges in NYC

Let's not forget Weinstein was deeply involved in Democrats politics on the national level, especially the Obamas and Clintons. 
His exploits were well known in Hollywood and Washington for years but Democrats turned a blind eye because he was on their team.  Ask Meryl Streep who once called him God and acts now like she never knew him.        

Deadline reports following months of denials on allegations of sexual assault, Harvey Weinstein will almost certainly be doing a perp walk Friday morning into a New York Police Department precinct.

Throwing red meat to the media and coming after news earlier today that Weinstein was turning himself in, the move is designed to give the cops their due after extensive investigations conducted on the much-accused producer, sources tell Deadline.

“This guy doesn’t get to hide from the cameras for what he’s done,” a law enforcement official said Thursday of Weinstein’s estimated 7 AM ET arrival at a station.

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